What is a sexologist?

A sexologist is a person who has studied human sexuality. Sexologists have studied the science of sex, which means they have studied human anatomy and physiology (how the body works and why) and psychology (how our minds work) regarding sexuality.

Some people call sexologists, sex therapists, but this doesn’t explain all a sexologist can do to support and help people.

Sexologists help people with all things to do with sexuality. This can be learning out how the body works and making choices about sex, sexual health and reproduction. They can help people to learn more about sexual behaviour and making decisions about what is right and pleasurable for each person. (we are all different.)

People may want to chat about sexual orientation or gender identity or about building healthy and respectful relationships. Sexologist can also support people with understanding the rules and laws about sex and how to stay safe.

Sexologists follow a set of rules called a Code of Ethics. This means that sexologists must be professional and competent and follow a set of values, being respectful of everybody and their diversity, and holding up the sexual rights of all the people who come to see them.

In Australia, sexologists are members of the Society of Australian Sexologists. If you want more information on SAS you can look at-