What are sexual rights?

Sexual rights are human rights.

Birds and Bees believe in the sexuality rights of all people. These rights cover the following things:

Everyone has the right to equality and freedom from all forms of discrimination based on sex, sexuality or gender.

Everyone, no matter what their sex or gender or sexuality, should be given equal respect.

The right to participation for all persons, regardless of sex, sexuality or gender.

Everyone should feel they belong in their community and to be able to freely participate in the community.

The rights to life, liberty, security of the person and bodily integrity.

No one should be hurt due to their sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, whether they have a partner or they are single, their sexual history or whether they have HIV/AIDS.

Everyone should be treated with respect.

Right to privacy.

Everyone has the right to privacy and many things to do with sex and sexuality are based on the laws of privacy.

Right to personal autonomy and recognition before the law.

Everyone has the right to decide about their own sexuality, their sexual partners, and to experience sexual pleasure and/or intimacy.

Even though we have this right, this only works if we include the rights of other people and consider the capacity of everyone to make informed choices and decisions, depending on their age and abilities.

Right to freedom of thought, opinion and expression.

Everyone has the right to think and express ideas on sexuality, sexual orientation, gender identity if the rights to equality and non-discrimination are remembered in this freedom of expression.

Right to health.

Everyone should have access to health and medical care and this includes, access to sexual health.

Right to education and information.

Everyone has the right to a comprehensive sexuality education and to be given information in a way that is understandable and accessible to them.

Right to choose whether to marry, plan a family, and to decide whether or not, and how and when, to have children.

Everyone should have the right to marry and to make decisions about if they want to have children or not. Families come in all shapes and forms.

Right to accountability and redress.

Everyone has the right to get accessible information and support with education, the law and the courts. People who have jobs upholding sexuality rights should be expected to be doing a good job and doing it well.

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