Small groups (community based)

Small group

Small group Education

Small group education and training can be individually designed for up to 6 people based on the below modules of learning. All sessions are modified to suit the learning needs and ages of the group participants. Support people are very welcome to join in if members of their group would like their attendance.

Parts of the body

  • the anatomy and function of the body in simple terminology with particular reference to the sexual and reproductive organs.

Public and Private

  • covers the concepts of public and private in terms of the human body, places, behaviors and social communication.


  • Changes- what is happening?
  • Sensory implications
  • Taking care of yourself (including hygiene)
  • Menstrual management
  • Masturbation
  • Emotions and thoughts


  • What is Sex?
  • Making a baby (Reproduction)
  • Not making a baby (Contraception)
  • Sexual Health (safe sex; pap-smears, breast and testicular checks)


  • Guide to relationship development.
  • How to make and maintain friends.
  • When is someone more than a friend.
  • Communication in relationships.


  • Sexual and relationships ethics
  • Consent
  • Protective Behaviours


  • Rules to sex- what the law says.

Small group education can take place in environments that are convenient, known and safe to the group members.

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