Birds and Bees and NDIS

Birds and Bees is a registered provider with NDIS and people with an NDIS package can access services through this funding. Birds and Bees provides counselling for people with a disability, particularly regarding:

  • helping a person to understand themselves and their disability
  • sexuality
  • sexual health
  • relationships and social skills
  • increasing self-esteem and self-worth
  • understanding emotions and feelings
  • assessing risk of sexual offense, vulnerability and mitigating risk.

Birds and Bees offers a tiered approach that is based on an initial assessment and then a planned number of sessions with specific goals and outcomes. You can discuss with your planner how many sessions you think might be needed to help you, or we can discuss this together once we get started and have had an initial sessions together.

Counselling services sits within the Capacity Building for improved daily living skills. People can access services as an individual and/or in small groups (group of 3 for NDIS costs) Parents and caregivers can also seek training from this area of the NDIS, and can access counselling services to help them have greater understanding of their child's disability.

Counselling is something that ALL people can have access to.
People with an NDIS package can access Birds and Bees services through: CAPACITY BUILDING- DAILY LIVING- IMPROVED DAILY LIVINGS SKILLS.
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