Who is Birds and Bees?


Jodi Rodgers established Birds and Bees after 25 years of working within the education, disability and sexuality fields. Jodi is a qualified sexologist, counsellor and special education teacher. She has worked in Australia and internationally and across the lifespan within early intervention, schools, adult and community settings, in both disability and sexual health organisations.

With her unique combination of qualifications and experience, Jodi has developed counselling and training programs that makes learning about the complex area of sexuality, both comfortable and relevant. Learning about sex should be accessible to all people, no matter what their age or learning abilities, and Jodi has the knowledge and skills to make this possible for everyone.

Jodi offers counselling to people who are seeking support in all areas of sexuality, sexual health and relationships. Jodi also provides counselling to people with a disability who may have difficulties with sex and sexuality, including behaviours of concern or vulnerability.

Jodi holds:

B.Ed.; PGDipSpecEd;
MHlthSc (Sexual Health)
Member ACA (Australian Counsellors Association)
Member Society of Australian Sexologists
Member ANZATSA (Australian and New Zealand Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse)
Associate Counsellor- (CSOCAS) NSW Child Sex Offender Accredited Counselling Scheme